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I am thrilled to give a personal testimonial for my experience with Home Loan Mortgage, and more specifically, T. Fanning. My husband and I purchased a home at the end of October, 2011. Our financial and credit situation was complex and fairly unique, to say the least. T. explained every process, every form, and answered every question in terms that I could understand. He was available literally 24 hour a day and was such a pleasure to work with. Three days prior to my closing appointment, a service matter with a previous credit dispute arouse out of nowhere. T. Fanning and his team worked tirelessly, on my behalf to help guide me in resolving the issue on my end, as well as getting all the final closing documents expedited on the loan side. His hard work allowed me to close on time, with flying colors! I sincerely recommend Home Loan Mortgage to anyone interested in quality, genuine and expert home loan services. I truly believe that without the help of T. Fanning and Home Loan Mortgage, my family and I would not be enjoying such a precious memories in our dream home today. A sincere thank you from my family to you! -Kristen J.

T Fanning had been an amazing broker to work with. He is always available for my clients and me. In this market, creativity and patience is key. T has both. I, as an agent of 12 years, send him all the business I can. I refinanced 4 properties with him myself and he got me the best rates and fastest closings I have ever seen. If you are looking for knowledge and customer service, I would recommend working with the best out there. T Fanning is that. 
–Scarlett N., Realtor, Radius Real Estate

Five star client service = T Fanning and HLMC.  Five star service is connecting, taking the order, delivering the order, ascertaining satisfaction, and offering dessert. This is what T has done for my husband and me over the 4 years we have known him. He connects on a personal level with his clients. He figures out what they need and delivers that plus more (offering the dessert). He also always asks how he is doing and if we are happy as he wants to make sure that all his clients are SATISFIED!! We have refinanced and purchased homes with him. I would recommend him to anyone!  
-Kristen C.

Even with the issues surrounding my loan, Mr. T. Fanning made getting approved practically painless. He kept me well informed during the entire process, and pushed hard to get me the financing I needed. Sounds cliché but HE’S THE MAN! 
-Gary R.

My husband George and I worked with T to obtain a mortgage at the end of 2011. He was very professional and responsive throughout the process and kept us informed every step of the way. We have purchased several homes in the past and this was one of the smoothest mortgage approval processes that we have experienced. I would certainly recommend T to anyone looking to obtain a mortgage.  
–Anne A.

In 2005 I decided to buy a condo and become an adult. I had never really understood the "loan" process and was sold an 80/20 loan with a HELOC that I thought was a fixed rate and my payment would be $75 a month. When I realized my $75 payment was no longer even half of what I should be paying it was too late and my credit suffered because of it. I was terrified of losing my home and didn't know what to do. I had a friend who would always tell me he could help and possibly refinance the loan. I never took him up on the offer because of the shame and embarrassment of what I had done to my credit. Finally I let my friend T look into my mortgage and see if he had any magical solutions. I qualified for an FHA loan and he was able to reduce my payment and consolidate both loans into one easy monthly payment at a very nice rate. Then the rates kept dropping. I decided to refinance again and was super thrilled that I was able to again reduce my payment and rate. T Fanning with Home Loan Mortgage went above and beyond the call of duty often times meeting me at my place of work to get documents signed. I recommend them to everyone and anyone I hear inquiring about refinancing their home loan. Most people have a negative feeling about refinancing and working with a Mortgage consultant, if they had the opportunity to meet with the staff of Home Loan Mortgage they would be amazed at their professionalism and care they give their clients. Thank you T you really made refinancing tolerable and very easy!  
-Sarah S.

We have worked with Bill and T Fanning (Home Loan Mortgage Corporation) for over ten years. We have used them for both construction and permanent loans. When working with HLMC, we always know that they are working for our best interest and also with the best interest of our clients in mind. They are always very professional and do a good job of making the whole loan process less stressful.  
–Gabe C., Builder, G.L. Custom Homes

T. Fanning was such a pleasure to work with on our refinances. He was a very hard worker, always willing to help, and was extremely speedy in his responses. It was clear that he had our best interests in mind and he always went above and beyond to help us out. He was extremely informative and always so kind. We are so grateful to T for being so esay to work with and so very helpful. We have recommended him to others and will absolutely continue to do so!  
-Jeff and Maren M.

William T. Fanning is an outstanding mortgage/financial advisor for my brother and me. William takes the time to explain all aspects of the process. He takes an agenda-free approach in making sure his clients are top priority. His accessibility is second to none; William is always available to fulfill your needs. The personal touch and empathy he displays immediately tells you his care and concern for people is paramount.  In today’s crazy world of property financing, William stands out as a stabilizing source that people need. You are welcome to contact me anytime to further discuss the details of William’s services.  
–Bob M., Owner, AP Restoration

As a builder and developer in Colorado, I have experienced a whole host of challenging business circumstances over the last four years of economic adjustment.  During this timeframe, I have had the pleasure of working with T. Fanning.  T’s knowledge and expertise in lending is surpassed only by his high level of professionalism and respectful demeanor.  I hope to work with him on many deals in the future, and highly recommend his services to other’s looking for the finest lending services.  
–Monica S., Builder, Palladian Homes

My husband and I worked with T. Fanning to get the construction loan and then permanent financing for our new home. This was our first experience with a mortgage broker.  We received the most amazing customer service.  The whole mortgage process was painless.  T. searched out the best deals for us and handled all of the contacts with the banks.  He kept prodding the banks when they weren’t responding in a timely fashion.  He explained everything that was going on in a clear concise manner.  The paperwork would have been overwhelming without T.  If you are starting the whole mortgage process, you should call T. Fanning immediately.  
–Sally Y.

It is not only a pleasure but a privilege to be able to attest to the integrity and competency of Mr. T. Fanning. Our professional relationship has extended over the past ten years, and I have known him personally for many more. His Father and I have worked together for over twenty-two years…he has enjoyed a great mentor. “T” has always been a pleasure to know and to work with. His attention to detail, honesty, and commanding work ethics have always made it easy to separate him from his peers. With many more than a few transactions together, there has never been a problem, mistake or misunderstanding. He has always been professional, compassionate, and through in all of our dealings. I honestly and freely give him my best recommendation to and to anyone you may be doing business with.  
–Tom M., Builder, Front Range Custom Builders

I recently refinanced my home.  I have in the past been very frustrated with all the questions and mounds of paperwork when financing or refinancing a home. Working with T Fanning has been easy and actually fun.  He was on top of additional information the bank was requesting.  I would highly recommend T to anyone looking to finance their home.  
–Laurie K.

I highly recommend Bill and T Fanning as Mortgage Consultants. 
I am a real estate agent and have been in the business for 24 years. I have worked with an unbelievable number of lenders. The Fannings are out standing if their field. The Mortgage Consultant is critical in any home buying experience. The professionalism of the Fannings makes the process not only possible, but enjoyable. Their attention to details, and knowledge of the loan process, makes my job easier. No matter how small or how large the loan, the relationship is the important thing to the Fannings.  It is my pleasure to recommend the Fannings.  –Joan P., Realtor, Metro Brokers

I recently worked with T Fanning, at Home Loan Mortgage on two refinances. My primary home, as well as my rental property, to see if he could help me take advantage of the lower interest rates.  My primary home, was not as big of a challenge, since I had just purchased it a couple of years earlier. However, the rental property I had serious doubts he could do anything to help me with. Mostly because it was a income property, and not my primary residence, but he encouraged me to let him try.  To my amazement, he was able to do both loans in record time, and got them locked in at a interest rate several points below what I was currently paying. It has literally saved me hundreds of dollars a month.  He always kept me well informed on what was going on, and stayed on top of any issues that arose. He actually made the refinancing process a pleasure, which I have never experienced before. From the beginning to the end, he is a true professional, with very high integrity, and the right combination of knowledge, and customer satisfaction. I have recommended him to several of my friends and family.  
–Jill W.

T was always on top of all of the loan issues. He was able to answer my questions about the process both before and during, and I always felt like he would jump on top of any issue that came up.  
–Brett C.

We are a home builder in the Colorado Front Range area and have been in business since 1977.  We have been doing business with Bill Fanning since approximately 1979, and later with T Fanning since around 2001.  We highly recommend Home Loan Mortgage, as well as Bill and T Fanning.  We have come to appreciate the great job they have done in providing our lending requirements.  They both do what they say they will do.  They simplify and make the whole lending process easier for us, compared to many other lenders.  They are also very professional as well as always very pleasant to work with. 
–Gregg C., Builder, Gregg Design Custom Builders

I have been a real estate broker in Colorado for 30+ years, specializing in new home construction and residential properties. I have had the pleasure of working with HLMC on numerous occasions over the span of the last twenty years. I originally worked with Bill Fanning on one of the highest profile new home communities in Boulder County with regard to land as well as residential loans.  Years later, as “T” was brought into the business, I had the opportunity to conduct transaction with him as well.  I cannot praise them both enough as being extremely ethical but superb, business savvy and highly knowledgeable with regard to every facet of the mortgage industry.  The mortgage loan business has been fraught with overzealous, greedy and financially motivated mortgage brokers who have helped to create the recent economic environment.  Fueling a home crisis as never before!  Bill and “T” are committed to the highest ethics and customer service as any in this business.  I have trusted them with my clients as well as my personal mortgage loan business and will continue to do so in the future.  I highly recommend them to any real estate broker or individual seeking a home or land loan.  They are most capable of guiding one through the mortgage process with the greatest of ease.  That is what I desire for my clients!  
–Tracie T.  Realtor

I have worked with William T. Fanning a couple of times, once was when I purchased my home in Longmont in 2009 and again a couple of months ago when I refinanced my home.  Both times that I have worked with T were great experiences.  He is always willing to answer any question I have and does it in a timely manner.  I feel that T. is very upfront and honest with me and goes above and beyond to get what is needed to get the job done.  I have referred him to several of my close friends and colleagues and will continue to refer him and use him again in any future transactions.  
–Nichole M.

We recently completed a refinancing through Home Loan Mortgage Company. Our direct contact at the company was T. Fanning, Senior Vice President.  We could not be happier with the process, the interest rate received, and the prompt and professional service we were given. We were able to consolidate several loans into one, and at an interest rate significantly better than any other quotes we received. Most of the process was conducted online, resulting in quick turnarounds and rapid progress. T. Fanning would routinely respond to inputs and questions within 30 minutes, regardless of the hour, day or night.

We have already recommended T. Fanning and HMLC to others in our family, and they have successfully completed refinancings with this company. We would encourage anyone seeking refinancing to contact T. at HLMC.  –Jeff H and Margie C.

I have used the services of Bill and T Fanning and their mortgage loan and construction loan companies for at least the past fifteen years. They are very knowledgeable and professional and have originated several million dollars of loans for our building (Bainbridge, Inc. and Forest Glen, Inc.) companies and our development (Bellcourt, Inc.) company over this time period.

Their rates and fees have been competitive and their service has been outstanding. When the lending market constricted, they were still able to provide us with a source of loans on reasonable terms when other lenders were unable to provide loans.  In addition, when they committed to a loan, the loan closed on a timely basis on the stated terms and without the usual “junk” fees so common in the lending industry. 

I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a new construction, development or mortgage loan.  –Allan B., Builder, Bainbridge, Inc.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with T. Fanning on two occasions. On the first occasion T. helped me refinance my house where I was able to reduce my interest rate from 5% to 3.7%, saving me hundreds of dollars a month. About a year later I purchased a new home and again T. helped me obtain a great rate. In both situations T. was professional and knowledgeable while keeping me aware of our progress. I would certainly recommend T. Fanning to anyone looking for help with a mortgage.  
–Bo E.

It’s a pleasure to do business with you.  You are honest, ethical, intelligent, and have great knowledge of construction and development financing.  I’m also entirely comfortable sending my customers to you for their mortgage needs.  All the comments I get back are that you are prompt, professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to deal with.  In conclusion, thanks again for your help on our many deals over the years 
–Pat F., Builder, Gallery Homes

I have worked with the Home Loan Mortgage Corp. on many homes that my husband and I have purchased over the years. I have also recommended them to friends and clients. T. and Bill bring a refreshingly human element to the banking industry. They are kind, honest, and hard working family guys who I will continue to use. They make getting a home loan less intimidating because they are knowledgeable and have relationships with many banks. It is important to know that you will get hard work and honesty with Home Loan Mortgage Corp.  
-Erica E.

I had the privilege of having T Fanning help me with a refinance on my home last year. Although it looked like it should have been very simple to do, it turned out to be a very frustrating and long drawn out business. T was very professional throughout the entire time. He came up with some very creative solutions to work around the challenges to get me taken care of. By myself, I would probably have given up. Not only did he finally get my house refinanced, but he got me a lower rate than I was expecting. I would recommend T to anyone who needs a professional on their side when they try to work through the current situation in real estate.  
–Johna D.

We have worked with Home Loan Mortgage Corporation for years... Their knowledge of the lending business, their professionalism, and the personal care which we have received over the years is unequaled. From construction loan lending to long-term financing, Home Loan Mortgage Corporation is first rate in our book.  
–Todd P., Builder, Cornerstone

Dedication! Perseverance! Tenacity! These are the characteristics that best describe T Fanning. Having helped my business navigate the finance industry in the toughest-of-times, his mindset has always been one of "Can-Do." Dedicated to the highest standards of conduct, the perseverance and persistence to see the job completed, and the tenacity to stop at nothing short of success, these are the qualities T Fanning brings to the deal. It has been my pleasure to work with T Fanning.  
-Bill S., Builder, Shaub Enterprises, Inc.

I would like to share a pleasant business experience with T. Fanning. I have a personal friend in the mortgage loan business that has helped me purchase 3 homes.  After getting to know T. Fanning and recognizing his honesty and integrity, I decided to ask for his expertise in refinancing my commercial building.  This was not an easy task for the reason I have a partner in Hawaii that required many e-mail contacts, and fax machine.  T. Fanning stayed with the process until it was completed in a timely manner and a great interest rate.  He has earned my trust and my business and referrals as well.  
–Chuck J.

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